Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have an idea for a Christian children's cereal. I had to get this published as quickly as possible so that I could get credit for it before that big ole mean devil gives it to some long haired liberal:

little oat crosses, whole grain of course.

marshmallows as follows:
yellow holy grails
green palm leaves
red hearts (the vision of Mother Teresa)
pink vaginas, obviously for Mary Magdaline's snatch
blue Stars of David, hey, Jesus was a Jew!
little white silver pieces that Judas Iscariot received for betraying Jesus

The best part, when you add milk, it it turns red.

Now just think of it, "Eat of my flesh, drink of my blood, receive eternal life, eat your Crucifix-ios"


  1. I am at a total loss. I bow at the feet of your creativity

  2. "Slurp remembrance of me."

  3. Funny enough, my friends and I thought about how nuns drink Jesus's reserve stock of semen, stored for thousands of years. They eat his body, drink his blood, then slurp his man juice through a straw.