Monday, March 2, 2009

2C-I and an unexpected guest

So one day A-Boy stops by with a friend from Dallas and an offer of 30 capsules of a research chemical, 2C-I, each capsule being 30mg of the chemical for $7 a piece. It is a research chemical, is unscheduled and you can buy it online:
Not only is this about 25% the market value, but it's verifiable with an MSDS (material safety data sheet).

2C-I belongs to the phenethylamine class of drugs. It is similar to both amphetamine and MDMA. MDMA is ecstasy for those not in the know, but I HATE that term.
I buy them, look up 2C-I online and wait for my weekend. At the time I was working a help-desk job 3rd shift. My weekend started Wednesday morning. I had made a friend online, about 4 years prior, who went by the handle of ManicFruitSalad. Judging by her name alone, if you know me, you know we have similar interests. Her name is Laura, and she is a dear friend of mine to this day. Well, I relay the information to her and as always I joke that she needs to come up from Oxford and we can hang out, party, etc. Well, this time she says she needs the address, that she doesn't have a cell phone, and she'll be there at 3:30PM. Sure... I wait around for her and nothing. Did I mention it's January? I put my flannels back on and hop back in bed. Around 5:30 there's a pounding at my front door. We never used the front door, we parked and used the back. Apparently Laura had gotten a flat, fixed it, and was able to find the apartment. However in front of me was not the girl I had started chatting with four years ago. She was now 20 and a stunning 5'8", knock out figure, and long red hair. I had never even speoken to her on the phone before. From this beautiful woman comes the tiniest voice, "um... are you J?" I know I had that big dumb grin on my face, "You must be, Laura, come on in!" She comes in, I'm looking a mess, and I roll her up a joint to puff on while I go get cleaned up.

Obviously Laura has never met a stranger, she follows me into my bathroom while I'm shaving to make sure I can hit the joint; a little invasive, but thoughtful. She and I talk that neither of us have eaten and the drug has a very long time period before it starts to take effect if taken with food. We each decided to take one cap and go for a walk and we would eat after it wore off. We walked the few blocks down Poplar Ave from my apartment to the park, walk around the Brooks museum, and MCA. After about 45 minutes we both realize we can't stop talking and our mouths are having trouble keeping up with our brains. The street lights all have halos and light in general is brighter. There is a slight sense of empathy and a connected feeling similar to MDMA, but not as profound. We both definitely noticed the mental effects as the relations we made in conversation began to stretch further and further. To any passersby we probably sounded like two schizos off their meds who had escaped from Bolivar.

With 2C-I there is a heavy body load, it was a little discomforting on the stomach, our pupils had widely dilated, but we were walking much faster now unintentionally. 2C-I seems to have very profound stimulant properties. With this new found energy we decided to walk over to the zoo. A slight "fear" had set in; that ominous feeling of dread. Something bad was going to happen, we were having entirely too much fun, laughing loudly and "riding" the statues in front of the zoo. The security guard at the zoo asked us why we were climbing on the huge animal statues well after the zoo had closed. Laura could do nothing but giggle. I mentioned that I was doing an Archaeological study of art in Memphis for MCA and that we would be on our way and I wished him a good evening. I know that what I said didn't sound quite right, but I offered to produce my student ID (that I didn't have) before he asked to see it. He was nice enough and just asked us to move along. For some reason the fear of hallucinating in a jail cell has always straightened me out enough to speak to the authorities with grace enough to get by. I also had forgotten that 2C-I is a research chemical in the US and as such is completely unscheduled or unregulated. I could have sold it to kids out of an ice cream truck and there are no laws against it. We both however decided it was probably best to return to the safety of the apartment at this point as neither of us had taken this drug before and we were very unsure of the results.

Instead of taking Poplar we walked through the neighborhood behind my apartments, a nice section of town, and probably safer for both of us. It was at this point our motor skills began to break down. We were both slightly dizzy and walking on uneven ground was a little more than tedious. The street lights were considerably brighter and as we walked past houses close to the street the motion sensitive security lights were blinding. All the lights were brighter and there was a tight web of geometric patterning that had covered everything. Laura described a similar visual experience. I wasn't seeing very much in terms of closed-eye-visuals but she was describing colorful ribbons and shapes.

By the time we made it back to the apartment, two hours had passed and we were at the plateau of the experience. At this point I would say that the chemical has similar empathogen properties to MDMA, but not nearly as strong. It has much greater clarity and is very similar to d-Amphetamine; blood pressure and heart rate were noticeably increased, not dangerously high though. The visuals were more similar to those of LSD, where there is a general brightening of lights and colors and inanimate objects seemed to "move", "grow", or "breathe" on their own. We also noticed that our sense of touch had become considerably more sensitive and we felt very cold. I can not really explain this as 2C-I increases serotonin overall, and serotonin raises body temperature. Much like similar drugs, our moods were very enhanced and we found laughter in almost everything. If one of us could stop laughing long enough to ask the other a question, and a response could be formed, we would just break out into laughter again. In any event we spent the rest of the night wrapped up in blankets, laughing like hyenas at "The Big Lebowski" and trying to stay warm. We were able to sleep about 12 hours after dosing. 2C-I makes getting to know someone very fun and enjoyable. Other than that there were no physical disturbances which were not enjoyable.


  1. "If one of us could stop laughing long enough to ask the other a question, and a response could be formed, we would just break out into laughter again."

    These are the things that make for the best experiences, in my opinion, with or without outside substances.



  3. I purchased 2c-i from them 2 years ago and received the letter about a month and a half later after I had given up hope on it. So I know that they were once legit (albeit slow), but I don't know if they are any longer.

  4. J died on tuesday of what may or may not be an accidental overdose. As the Laura of this story I just want to say that I loved him dearly. I always have and I always will. You were my rock buddy and I will miss you more then anything... I still can't believe it..

  5. Hey laura this is u have aim or what is ur email?

  6. im sorry laura rip j 4evr

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